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This kit comes with everything to install on an 05 up mustang all fuel fittings. You dont even have to cut any wires i have the outlet plug adpter for the 12v aux. port. Kit comes with like new 10lb bottle, Remote Bottle opener and Zex's large purge kit a kit like. Will fit almost any car from 87-93 mustangs, 05-up mustang, GT500, G35, G37, 350Z, not shown in pic's but will come with kit is 15' nos -4 nitrous line. connect 3 wires run the fuel and nitrous line and your ready to add up to 125 hp kit can be installed in just a few hours also bottle brackets not shown also come with kit. Total kit was over $1,000 bucks will let it go for $500.00 obo.

I had the kit installed on my GT500 . I mounted the control box under the JLT heat shield and it is completely out of sight. wet kit with 35,55, and 75 jets 100 and 125 can be ordered from zex. I had the 55 jets in and had some real fun the car picks up really nice. I took if off to do my clutch TBS and have had to turn my car into a DD or there is no need for this system

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