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I have a red interior on my 89 hatchback.

I'm looking for the following:

(1) passenger seat, sport style seat (GT style) scarlet red tweed fabric.
(1) front seat belt sheath (the one that goes between the console and seat) my drivers side one is cracked at the end.
(1) sill plate, drivers side
(1) armrest or just the inside part that latches it, mine broke.

My biggest need is the seat, I repainted my car a few years ago and we put the seats in my friends basement. Well, his stupid cat took a leak on it and I cannot get the smell out. The seat is otherwise in excellent shape.

My interior is close to mint so I don't want anything that is in so-so shape. I'm in northern Illinois.

Please email as many pics as possible to :

[email protected]
and [email protected]

I have highspeed internet at both addresses.


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