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I hate to start a new thread on this, as existing threads already discuss the issue, but they don't seem active at this point. At least, there have been no responses since I posed the question yesterday.

I'm doing some repairs and renovations on a 1997 GT. Among them is the replacement of the window lift motor on the passenger door.

I've assisted in this operation before, so I have slight familiarity, although it has been many years. I see conflicting information from various sources. I rely on my Haynes manual for most home repairs, but it doesn't address simply removing the motor; its instructions entail removing the entire regulator assembly for replacement.

In this thread (, I found a response by 30AnnivStan:

the motor is sandwiched between the regulartor and the door.
1st, remove the 3 bolts that attach the motor to the regulator
2nd, LOOSEN, but do not remove the 3 or 4 gold colored bolts around the motor (11MM bolts).
3rd, wiggle the motor until it comes free from the regulator
4th, hook up all of your wires
5th, line up the 3 bolts attaching the motor to the regulator
6th, tighten up the gold bolts
7th test. if it works, follow the process for putting the door back together and go do some burnouts!

I'm going to treat 30AnnivStan's response as canon, but I have one question before I continue. I've removed / loosened all the necessary nuts, and am ready to reach inside the door and remove the motor. Knowing there's a very powerful coil spring in there somewhere, however, I'm hesitant. I know it's capable of breaking fingers, or wrists, and I kinda need all my bones intact.

If I simply reach inside the door, blindly, and jiggle the motor free, is that going to risk dislodging any part of the regulator to the extent that the spring can suddenly uncoil?

Or can I simply feel around, grasp the motor, and remove it? (I figure if there were any real safety issues, they'd have come up already in the thread, but as someone else has already mentioned, some things are so obvious they escape mention sometimes.)

Thanks in advance.

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Please advise.
Don't quote me, but I believe if you either hold it up with your other hand or have someone else hold the regulator up to keep the window from crashing down you should be able to wiggle it free without problem.
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