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So i get up this morning, start her up 7:30am, go to school. Stupid me locks the keys in my car, so I call my father up to pick me up and bring me to the house so I can get the spare. Fine, now its 12.

I get in the car, go to start her up, and shes choking and making sounds like clackity clack clackity clack like when the X-pipe was hanging. So im like WTF, so I take off and half way down the road the rpms are jumping, the cars dying, i keep giving it gas, itas moving, but sluggish and sounds terrible clackity clack clackity clack. I pull over, turn her off, pop the hood. Headers are on tight, look under the car, everything is connected tight. Hmmm. Get back in, starts right up, no more clackity clack noise, and thats it. I mean, it does feel pretty sluggish now, but it runs and idles smooth all of a sudden, and isnt dying???

Bbut the oil light is staying on for some reason, even though I checked the oil when I stopped, at my local Mobil, and when I got to work (1 hr ago) oil level is fine, but the f'ing light is on! I just dont get it.

I do need new plugs and wires, one of the or actually 2 of the boots are cracked on the plugs. I have everything in my back seat and was going to do it this upcoming weekend, perhaps it needs to be done before then though eh?

What could it be?!?

Oh if this helps too, well 1st yeah I locked my keys in, but the car was off completely. But when I started it up, it just started up, not like ch ch ch ch vroom. Just ch vroom, clackity clakc clackity clack. knows what im saying?
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