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2007-2009 Shelby GT500 Mono Blade Throttle Body

With the ever increasing demand for power, Whipple now offers the highest quality and highest flowing fly-by-wire mono-blade throttle body available today. Performance gains of nearly 100hp can be achieved on the Shelby GT500 (varies with boost and pulley size) as the stock unit is far too small. Mustang customers can gain anywhere from 30-60hp when going over 10psi of boost. Whipple offers 2 versions, one for the Shelby GT 500 and slightly smaller version for the Mustang GT.

Both throttle bodies offer significant increases in flow capacity. The Shelby GT500 unit can flow nearly 1900cfm while the Mustang GT unit can flow 1750cfm, yet they still use the same hose ID size for easy fitment. Factory electric motors and TPS sensors bolt directly to unit for simple adaptation.

These throttle bodies are not intended as a direct bolt on, both require special tuning and some require machining. Whipple does not offer custom tuning for these units, consult your tuner.

Exclusive Features:
• Nearly 1900 cfm capacity (Shelby GT500)
• High precision brass gears
• 50 to 100hp increases depending on boost levels
• Fits with factory electric motor
• Lightened gears for smooth operation

I bought this item by mistake... I cannot use it. My loss is your gain!!!!
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