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Have been going back and forth on the actual duties of my car.

1. It will be driven, would like to do some local parking lot events and see how it goes.

2. Feed back and comfort are important, but the 20:1 manual rack I have always run don't seem to fit the current setup.

3. Power steering may be and issue, car is a 351 based engine and haven't even tried to mock up a p/s pump. Keep in mind I'm in Fl, so the A/C will get the hook up.

Car is an 83 Capri, with QA-1 tubular and motorsport stamped control arms (this is due to the fact of not having totally made up my mind on corner carving or eventually back to a drag setup). The front spindles and brakes are off a 2001, it currently rolls on a set of waffle stars w/ 245's up front.

I've done tons of searches and the 03 cobra racks then 03 gt's and down seem to be the best. I'm looking for some real world experience on what works w/ this set up.
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