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I have not paid attention to the new GT's and what they can do, the posts here, or what they come with since I have been into a Cobra for a bit now...

What's the factory HP on the 2002's?

What gears do they come with, is it still 3.27's, or are they 3.08's in the GTs?

Are they torquey like the old 5.0, or are they like a "slug" like my DOHC was before gears?

What is the price of a hardtop GT, or that of a convertible?

Are the Torque Thrust wheels an option, or standard? What about the hood scoop?

Is the exhaust 2.5"?

Is the H-pipe the same as the DOHC?

What is their braking system, is it 13" rotors up front and PBR calipers like my 96 Cobra, with 11" rotors out back?

and lastly -

are there ANY issues, recalls, TSB's or major problems with the new 02 GTs?

THANKS a million for any input everyone!!

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I'll give it a shot:

Still 260 hp and 302 tq like the 99+
about $23k
Torque Thrust is an option (premium pkg)
2.25" exhaust
not really any major problems except the chip doesn't like superchargers
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