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I just got an 06 manual GT to use as a donor car.

While it still runs, I want to flash the computer with a new tune and turn off a bunch of stuff.

I need to turn off PATS, kill the rear O2s, and turn off anything that has nothing to do with running like A/C, EGR (if it has that), etc. I need to be able to change the tune as well since it's going to have long tube headers, custom intake, and I'm most likely going to lock the cams or at least limit them.

I'm thinking I need a Special Forces unit, but I hate that I can only use it on one car without paying an additional $100. Seems like all the tuners are like that though.

Basically, I'm harvesting the computer/engine/trans and it's going into a retired NECKCAR that I'm putting on the street. I don't care about the dash working, or any thing like that. I just need it to run the engine and fuel pump.

I'm eager to get this thing apart, but I want to flash the computer and see it work before I pull everything and do the wire diet.

Oh yeah, does my 06 have a return system or a returnless system?


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