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Hey guys, im piecing together a V2 non intercooled setup, and plan to use 42# injectors and a 90mm maf. I have a 3.6 pulley, and a 3.33. I want to try and hit the 370-400rwhp mark if possible. The setup will be NON intercooled for now. I may change it in the summer, but I also need to save for college. What amount of boost will I need and are those numbers possible without an intercooler?

Car right now
00 Mustang GT with healthy compression, no oil leaks/burn.
75mm throttle body and throttle intake
BBK Offroad X pipe
Pypes catback

Ive been googling around and guys are saying they are only making 5psi with the 3.6 (WTH?) So im just trying to see what my specific setup is capable of..
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