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ok guys,i have searched on here and the turbo forums but it seems everyone running e85 on turbo 5.0s are making big power.

my setup is stock longblock with 1.7rr and explorer intake,im only looking to make around 420-440rwhp as that should be enough to get me booted from the track,also i dont want to destroy my block.the less boost i can make to achieve 420-440rwhp the better,thats why im thinking e85.i only want to go 11.4s at the track.keep in mind my car went 12.55-12.6s a handful of times with around230rwhp,never dynod just guessing(boltons only)

1.turbo is on 3 setup with 60lb injectors,what else would i need to supply fuel to support 440rwhp on e85,btw my car has a walboro 255 in tank,but im thinking its not going to be enough and tuner said to go bigger on the intank.

2.also how much rwhp would be a realistic gain by switching to e85 on a stock longblock turbo 5.0,trying to see if its worth to change. much power should it put down on 8lbs on e85,stock longblock?
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