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My car is almost done. Just changing a few things and I was wondering what you fellas think about the possible final horsepower #'s will be

94 351w roller block .030
TFS stage 1 cam
AFR 185
42lbs injector w/ C & L mass air ( will be changed soon to 60lbs )
Typhoon intake
70mm TB
1.6 roller rockers
main girdle w/ windage tray

on3 351w base turbo kit. ( will be stepping up to their t76 ball bearing turbo when its available, depending on future upgrades )

The only low point of this build is it currently has hyper. pistons!!! ( I know )
People have told me I won't be able to run more than 10-12 psi, which is fine as of right now.

Will be stepping up to 393 or 408 forged, but still doing research on what size turbo to step up to to complement the combo ( you can make suggestions, cause they are welcome )

This car will be mainly street driven with the ability to go to the strip and the track.

Thanks for your comments:)
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