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For sale is brand new Weld V series 15x8 with a 5" back spacing and m and h 275/60/15 drag radials. Wheels have 5x4.5 lug spacing. I received the wheels last week after waiting almost 3 months, tires were the same story. Talked with m and h today about them and he said they have been out of stock for 3 months.

unfortunately with my car I need a wider wheel, it just sits too far in the fender for my liking (car is mini tubbed). With tax and mounting the tires, I paid a little over $1700 total for everything and waited 3 months. Heres you chance to get them now for my loss. Im asking for $1400 for the set and I wont go lower, already losing $300, so Ill keep for a future project if they dont sell for that. Any questions just ask, I also would separate the wheels to sell but will not sell the tires without the wheels as I can still use them on other car if need be.

Set- $1400
Wheels only $1000

dont really need anything for trade
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