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i have a 1988 mustang lx 5.0 with speed density. i am considering buying a vortech head unit from a freind for really cheap but i dont know what else i will need to run this, i also wanted to know if there was any way to get around converting to mass air (maybe getting a chip burnt or something).i you could give me a list of evey thing i need to do this it would help a lot. also i was wondering how hard a 10 pound sc would be on my car. i have a world class t-5 built by tremec and i am rebuilding my rearend with 3.55s. my motor dosent burn or leak a drop of oil and is quiet as can be. will it hurt anything else. i have a center force dual friction clutch.


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You can go to the vortech website: and under accessories, you will find that Vortech sells a kit that includes, I think, everything except the head unit. Otherwise, I'll try my best...
*Main bracket/small alternator braket
*feed line
*return line
*boost retard
*inlet tube
*discharge tube
*crank pulley/blower pulley
*oil return fitting (in the oil pan)
*sending unit (oil feed line)
*all the hardware for the main bracket/headunit-to-main braket
*blower belt
*rubber sleeves (to connect to throttle body/discharge tube)
*hose clamps
*vacuum lines

Honesly thats all I can think of. There may be other things I'm forgetting, but you should be able to find out on the vortech website.

As far as your motor goes, if it doesnt burn oil, and it is well maintained, you should be ok. If in doubt, run a leak-down test to see how the rings/valves are doing.

Good Luck!

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You will need a speed density kit (one way valve to your MAP sensor),, and everything else will work. I ran a 9psi powerdyne on my 86 with the speed density for years.

I might be selling this kit if your interested.
email me
[email protected]
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