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One of our long time customers sold his 600 RWHP '08 GT that we built for him. He then told us that he had an '11 GT 500 on order and he wanted us to order and install some parts and dyno tune it for him when he got it. He had it long enough to put 400 miles on it and dropped it off at our shop.

The laundry list inlcudes: Ford Racing 2.9 Whipple supercharger, Kooks LT headers, catted mid-pipe, Ford Racing Cobra Jet driveshaft loop, aluminum driveshaft, MGW shifter, larger intercooler reservoir, larger radiator overflow tank and our custom dyno tune.

I'm not allowed to post the dyno video link. If you want to see the video and what kind of power this combo made go to youtube->mdspeedshop->Marks 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500


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