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I'm selling my VMP TVS blower, trading in car so the parting out has begun. This kit is actually a stage 3 kit they sold last year spring when I purchased it. It retails for 7,299, and i opted for the 1000CC injectors, and custom tuning for 93 and E85.

* The tuner is Not avail , so you will need custom tuning.

I have less than about 300 miles on the kit, and its perfect condition.Bought it brand new have receipt for all parts.. I'm selling it complete as it was off the shelf all parts, brackets, etc.. everything!!! Only thing Im not including for the price is the extra pulley and the catch can from upr.

The pulley 85 MM is $ 80 and brand new. The catch can ( you will need) same thing 300 miles and was new $175, Ill let it go for $90

My asking price is $5,675 Or best offer its brand new, performed great, and was tuned By Alex Flores making tons of power safely! Make me an offer for all of the kit to the extras's

Don't be shy on offers, but I want to be realistic too..

Please email me at [email protected] for immediate response

Shipping is going to be hefty, so please keep that in mind. it cost me about 250 to ship from Florida to Illinois. in 4 large boxes.

Buy from me and save a huge $!!!!!

In the Kit

VMP Dual Fan Triple Pass Heat Exchanger with Plug N Play Harness:
Heat Exchanger Dimensions: 12.25" Tall x 3" thick x 24" wide core (28" with end tanks)
Injectors 1000CC DW's
JLT 123mm Plastic CAI for Supercharged(11-14) 5.0L OR Roush 110mm Cold Air Intake for 15+
VMP Twinjet 67mm Throttle Body
VMP Plug N Play Fuel Pump Booster
Your choice of pulley size (see below) have both 82 and 85MM.. 82 comes with kit
Plug and play wiring harness extensions
Upper and lower aluminum intake manifolds with high-efficiency intercooler
Intercooler pump & lines
1st shiv HD belt system with tensioner, belt, and idlers.
All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses and clamps


1 - 3 of 3 Posts