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Help install Viper 5906v in Ford Mustang 2005 V8 (AT)

Hello everybody Chris from Norway here
Am now a proud owner of a Ford Mustang 2005 V8 AT, i looking forward peoples insights and ideas.

I just bought myself a viper car alarm 5906V and i took it to an professional installer here at my local place, it was said they we're the best in town among acquaintance of mine. The alarm installers told me that the Ford Mustang was a rare type of car and also they didn't know anything about the viper system so they wouldnt take time try to install it or look into it so they send me off. (pufff.... professionals... as if)

Am a bit green in car alarms but i do know basic electronics and wiring, where ignition and kick panel fuse (SJB).

Since i have to install this by myself i would appreciate any input or ideas where the wiring goes where and what i should get or can install extra to the system. Ohh by the way i also bought the viper voice 516v.
Am i off if i say and if i am totally off, please comment and correct me so that i can correct it here. I tried using wiring set up from viper alarm setup to a Ford Mustang but i don't know if is correct.

Main Harness, 6 pin Connector
1 RED: light green/purple IGNITION
2 BLACK: Ground it in any bare metal.
3 BROWN: green SJB (grey 52pin)
4 WHITE/BROWN: remove N/A
5 WHITE: light green/black SJB (blue 52pin)
6 ORANGE: orange Moduel (Viper voice 516v)

Door Lock, 3-pin Connector

1 BLUE: dark blue/green SJB (black 26pin)
2 N/A
3 GREEN: white/violet SJB (black 26pin)

Remote Start, 10-pin Heavy Gauge Connector

1 NC: No Connection
3 PINK/BLACK: remove N/A
4 PINK/WHITE: remove N/A
5 RED: red/green IGNITION
6 GREEN: green (key side after cut) IGNITION
7 VIOLET: green (starter side after cut) IGNITION
8 ORANGE: black/pink IGNITION
9 RED/WHITE: remove N/A
10 PINK: white/yellow IGNITION

Auxiliary/shutdown/trigger Harness, 24-pin Connector
1 PINK/WHITE: remove N/A
2 BLUE/WHITE: pink HVAC (in dash 26pin)
3 RED/WHITE: white/purple SJB (black 52pin)
4 BLACK/YELLOW: light green/yellow SJB (grey 26pin)
5 DARK BLUE: black or brown from alarm light/LED
6 WHITE/BLACK: ? (any ideas)
7 WHITE/VIOLET: ? (any ideas)
8 ORANGE/BLACK: ? (any ideas)
9 GRAY: purple/orange SJB (black 52pin)
10 BLUE: white/yellow SJB (black 26pin)
11 WHITE/BLUE: ? (any ideas)
12 VIOLET/WHITE: ? (any ideas)
13 BLACK/WHITE: ground it to bare metal since i have AT
14 GREEN/BLACK: light blue/black SJB (black 26pin)
15 GREEN: white/purple SJB (black 26pin)
16 BROWN/BLACK: dark blue SJB (blue 52pin)
17 PINK: ? (any ideas)
18 VIOLET: green/yellow SJB (grey 26pin)
19 VIOLET/BLACK: ? (any ideas)
20 BROWN: light green SJB (grey 36pin)
21 VIOLET/YELLOW: ? (any ideas)
22 GRAY/BLACK: remove N/A since the car isn't Diesel
23 ORANGE: ? (any ideas)
24 GREEN/WHITE: light blue/pink SJB (black 26pin)


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