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Hey guys it's been a good while since I've been around but I need some help and advice with my new plan for my mustang, it's a 90 4cyl stick. For a long time I wanted to fix the car up nice but considering how I use the car and who I am I've decided to go with a Mad Max theme. I have very basic welding skills but I'm not terribly confident with their ability to be structural. I have some body damage that's not a panel and instead of paying an arm and a leg this route will allow me to diy and not worry so much about it being perfect. I also want to redo some body panels etc etc.

What I need help with is I want to make this off road capable. I've done some research but haven't found anything relating to what I want which is to lift the suspension for as much travel as possible. I have no idea what is realistic without paying out the nose to have completely custom parts made or if maybe I could do that myself.

I currently have a turbo coupe rear on the car but would like to swap the cobra IRS at a minimum. Is it possible to do AWD on this car? What's the widest wheel base? I can get? I know the cobra IRS is 3" wider than stock and 1.5" wider than the turbo coupe rear. I want to extend 3-6" per side all the way around and get at least 12" suspension travel. Don't mind the fenders, I plan on redoing them to acomodate the wider stance whatever that ends up being. I know offset and backspacing of the wheels will get me some more width but beyond that I'm lost.

My goal isn't the Baja 500 but I want to be able to go off of a highway at speed and be fine, travel 500+mi easily, run into a parked car at 30mph and the car be fine even if the roll cage needs some work after.

So far I have plans for an external and internal roll cage tied together, replace the rear spoiler with a contraption that has an extendable shelf for extra storage, roof rack, winches front and back, smash together 3 towing hitch receivers for more storage, metal window shades that open and close like blinds, the door window ones will be able to lift up so window access still works, extra batteries, 2 alternators and beefier than the 3g conversion which I have, turbo motor, possibly a secondary fuel tank.

Anyway hopefully you guys can help, I know it sounds crazy and impractical but the car is sentimental and has treated me well. This is also mostly stuff I can do myself in my garage and for serious welding I can get one of the guys from work to do that for me. Thanks guys!
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