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I always come to this forum for answers to my Mustang questions and it always gets answered here, so I decided to make an account instead of lurking.

My question is, what's the best course of action for turbocharging my 1995 GT? It's bone stock, though in the next few months I'll be throwing in a Comp Cams Stage 1 cam, probably a set of GT40 heads, a cold air intake, and a new throttle body once I save the money for all of these. I found a turbo kit on Amazon (I know, I'm cheap) but I'm wanting to know what all I'll need to add to make sure this thing doesn't blow up my motor. I know I'll need a turbo manifold and from the few posts I've read I'll have to tap the oil pan for lines for the turbo but other than that I have no clue. I'm not going to try and run something stupid like 30psi, and the boost controller that comes with the kit they state is adjustable from 0-30psi, so I'd probably run something like 8-10 tops. It's just the stock HO 302, but I figure a turbo would be fun and if tuned properly could possibly add some gas mileage on the commute to work. This is from the turbo kit page:

  • T04E Turbo Charger
  • Intercooler & Piping Kit
  • 38mm Turbo Wastegate
  • Blow off Valve
  • Oil Feed Line
  • Oil Return Drain Line
  • Turbo Boost Controller
  • Oil Catch Tank
  • Hardware, such as Gasket(s) and Bolt(s)
Turbocharger Spec:
  • Trim: 55
  • A/R: 50
  • Inducer: 50.50
  • Exducer: 76
  • Trim: 73
  • A/R:63
  • Inducer:65.50
  • Exducer:55.90

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I'd stay away from the Amazon/eBay kits. At least pick up an on3 system, you know, something that's made for a mustang. You'll have $700 in the Amazon stuff and another $700 to make it kinda work. Or just buy a complete on3 for the $1500 and be done. On top off all the hard parts, you'll need injectors, tuning device (not just a "calibrated" MAF) fuel pump, new serpantine belt, ect. Just don't completely cheap out, especially if your a novice at turbo systems.

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1. Don't waste your $ on bolt-ons. They always make the car a little more quirky, and when you've bought them all you will have spent more than you would for a power adder, and the power adder will have been faster. Just buy a turbo and gears, and if that isn't enough, do a coyote swap.

2. Don't plan on getting better mpgs. I used to keep precise records of mpgs over the course of years, and I could see the half mpg drop when I installed a larger MAF, more when I installed gears, more when I installed exhaust. I don't know how much mpgs you'll lose with a turbo, but every trip, you're going to spend the gas to move the car like always, but you'll also be raising a twenty pound piece of metal (the turbo) to several hundred degrees.
Nobody buys a mustang for mpgs anyway.

3. If your GT is your daily driver, pick up another sn95, and use it for your DD. Let your GT transition to your Friday/Weekend car. Give it the pampering it deserves, along with the turbo. This way, you'll always have a running car (if a weekend project takes too long).

4. Do it right. Get a quality turbo kit, install it, tune it, and get it running perfectly before your next mod.

5. Does your state do visual inspections for smog? If so, make sure your turbo kit is legal. Otherwise there are lots of legal superchargers.

Good luck!
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