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I am currently gathering parts for my turbo build and will keep the nitrous on the car as i already have a lot in my setup and a hole in my center console for my custom switch plate and of course im quite partial to Nitrous:)

Now i know under boost it magnifies the effect of Nitrous and i plan to run no more than a 75 shot most likely. (seen a LSX guy gain 100+WHP with a 50 shot on 18psi)

I may be over thinking this but i already have a full return style fuel system in my bedroom that i pieced together myself.
-8AN feed
40 Micron pre filter
-8AN fittings on the MAGNAFUEL PRO TUNER 625 series single pump
10 Micron post filter
-8AN to Y fitting
split to -6AN
-6AN to rails
-6AN lines from rails to ports on MAGNAFUEL 1:1 boost reference regulator (MP-9950-B)
-8AN return
(just need to make my own sump)

Got the Nitrous solenoid tapped (using a -6AN Tee) into the driver side front -6AN line after it comes out of the rail to regulator.

Now i was thinking that when i am in boost the fuel pressure will raise 1psi per lb of boost and it will screw up the fuel jetting because it will be spraying normal flow with no boost and too much fuel when its in boost when the regulator raises the fuel pressure.

Then i thought well if im @ 15psi and spraying it will still be at the correct/same psi flowing out of the Nitrous jet as it would at idle or vacuum bc even though it is at 15psi too much it has to overcome the 15PSI of positive intake pressure so it should come out @ the correct flow rate no matter what correct?

Just trying to think about how to tune it and if the boost and 1:1 boost reference regulator will screw up the jetting on the fuel solenoid and make it hard/dangerous to tune......... Will be tuned @ PRO DYNO in SC

Has anyone done this?

Also would it be best to have the Nitrous activate at say 2,900-3,200rpms and deactivate around 4,000-5,000rpms (will most likely spin the motor to 7,000rpms) or so to help spool the turbo on launch (will be staying 5spd) and with boost loss on shifts


Keep the Nitrous spraying through the whole RPM band all the way till 200-300RPMS before the rev limiter. I already have a WOT, RPM activated Window Switch.

Will ONLY be using the Nitrous @ the track maybe once or twice a month.

If i use the Nitrous with boost i dont see any use in getting a meth kit for the car, just seems like more crap to go wrong @ the track. Wont use it on the street because car will make more power than tires can handle with just boost alone anyways. Anyone beg to differ on that or think Meth is a good idea?

If it helps specs will be (car is a 04 2V GT)
MMR 900 or 1000 4.75L Longblock
Trick flow 2V heads
Edelbrock intake
MHS elbow
Edelbrock rails
MHS stage 2 or 2.5 Turbo cams
ON3 Forward Facing 76MM BB single turbo 18-22???? PSI
Most likely i will upgrade the 3" DP to 3.5"

Hoping for 800WHP via boost alone through a manuel trans.

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To me it sounds like alot to go wrong or a hell of a time tunning....I would just run a Meth and tune for it up the boost and timing and you make your extra HP its like a 116 octance and cools the intake track..Just my Opinion...
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