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T3 turbo. I got it exactly like you see in the pictures. This is a turbocoupe/Merkur turbo (not SVO, although the only difference is the compressor outlet configuration). .63 A/R 5 bolt turbine housing no broken bolts and great threads. 60 trim compressor. I don't know it's condition...haven't tested it. Play in the shaft, but I'm not sure how much is "too much" or what. $100 for the turbo.

T3 compressor outlet adapter. This adapts turbocoupe/Merkur style bolt-on style compressor outlet to a hose style outlet. Bolts on. $20?

Stinger dual piston blowoff valve. Worked fine. Removed ONLY to swap to a recirculating style. Dunno what to ask for it? $50, OBO?

I have a a few more 2.3 Lima turbo parts, so if you need anything ask.

Shipping is easily arranged. Or come pick it up. Central Arkansas area about 30min North of Little Rock.


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