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'84 with '87-'93 one piece removable front clip
Want to sell as roller with anything except engine and trans, but will sell complete car. Not looking for top dollar. Just Reasonable offer.
Complete car weighs just under 2,400 lbs
New currie 9" narrowed rear end---maybe 15-20 passes
Delay box
Built c4 with trans brake and line lock
393 with little eddy rpm heads---363 rwhp 519 rwtq
New braided fuel lines
Barry Grant fuel pump
Fuel cell
set up for nitrous
demon carb
Couple you tube videos----1 is a walk around. Search for "imspinb" on you tube.
Original goal is sell roller---put engine and trans in my '90 coupe that doesn't have to pass emissions anymore
Will consider letting complete car go


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