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Hi guys
I just received my Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts for my 92 mustang. When I compared the rear shocks with the stock one, I found out that they were 2'' shorter than stock.:eek: When I compress the d-spec, they compress as far as the stockers, but its with them extended that I think I can have a problem.

I have about 1/2''-3/4''max. of free movement in extension, with my stock rear springs on the back, when I jack the car from the ground before the shocks bottom out in extension. Since I plan to install Mach 1 springs, with maybe 1/2'' of drop, that should give me 1''-1.25'' of free travel in extension.

Is this enough for a street car on rough roads?
Are the Illumina like that too?
Maybe those shocks are made for very short springs or what?

Thanks for your help :)
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