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I've kinna got it narowed down to two tires

I have run Dr radils and my MPH has never drop mor than a mph with the slicks below.

I have a handme down pair of ET drags 28 (27.3")X9.0 on 15X7 stock rims they hook well but are a little squirly due to no tubes.

ran 1.612. I have plenty of room but am concerned about killing gear. I run 125+ and will be shooting for 135 on a small shot of gas and a lower rev limiter.

but it's time for new ones

woudlthese be a good choice with tubes.

or should I get the 26X9 or 10'?

the 10 I would think I would have to get diff rims which I dont want to do.

I just want to get into the 10's with just the blowr at around 127-130 and then have enuf gear with the NOS to run a bit faster.

I have 3:73's and would be estatic to get a mid 1.5

and how would the ET street compar wit out tubes (a little cheaper and DOT.

I could run the 28X11.5 and get a bit less growth.

or the the 26X10.5
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