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Something I've noticed and many others have brought up to me is that this forum seems to be a "catch-all" for all mustang parts.

What I would like to do with your effort is keep this strictly to "Modular Engine" parts.

Items that do not belong here are:

MSD ignitions, Coils, Injectors, Mass-air meters & harnesses, engine management systems are ELECTRONICS. Alternators & Distributors could swing either way.

Gears, driveshafts, torque convertors, clutches, shifters are DRIVETRAIN.

Headers, cat-backs, h-pipes are EXHAUST.

Anything suspension-wise obviously goes in SUSPENSION.

Lights, wings, hoods are EXTERIOR.

Nitrous, blowers, turbos would obviously be POWER ADDERS

I don't think I need to mention that you shouldn't be selling parts for a '93GT or anything like that.

Of course as always I'm open to suggestions and will make adjustments.

Please keep this forum strictly to: engines, pans, valve covers, cranks, rods, pistons, rings, bearings, bolts, caps, blocks, heads, intakes, rockers, water pumps, gaskets, pullies, and the likes.

Again, we appreciate the help, and will do what we can to accomodate. The floor is open to suggestions.

Finally, if something is moved or closed, please by all means do NOT take it personally!

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