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I've got quite an aggressive solid roller in my car at the time and's too much for the street.... I need to get some input from you solid roller guy's/gal's out there as to what would be a good solid roller cam, or even hyd roller cam for my setup...yes I know I can go custom ground, but I'd first like to see if there is any shelf cam that would work for me. I'm looking for something 2000k-6800k all though not seeing near 7k all the time.

Here is my setup

D.S.S 306
D.S.S. Main Support
TRW forged Pistions
RaceDemon 650
Victor Jr Port macthced to heads
Edelbrock RPM 6025 (2.02)
T5Z, 8.8/3.73's
3200 with driver

My next question is, the even that I do (I will) change out my cam I need to know if I have to step down my springs to a weaker lift # (good to 700 now)

Thanks for the help
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