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The 1993 Frakenstang gt rewiring has begun! (I purchased this Frakenstang used...need I say more...)

I have converted the EFI to Carbureted and removed a boat load of roadkill wiring and potential fire hazards.

I made this choice to convert based on the wiring, along with old electronic parts causing me issues.

I am now at the point where I need to wire just the basic circuits only. I have been running the engine for testing under the hood wiring only.

I have wired the new HEI dizzy, Alternator, Electric Choke, Electric Low PSI Fuel Pump, Electric Fan wit relay and the starter, all wired to the battery with the 3G Alternator.

I have removed the old instrument cluster and wiring, all EFI wiring, the fuse block because it was overheated in some circuits. The steering wheel air bag system has been disabled and the censors removed by po. I am thinking about at some point removing the steering wheel and replacing it, not sure if I will get a ticket for doing this?

I have aftermarket gauges that I have started to install and they are prewired. Oil Pressure, Water Temp wit 235* sensor light and Oil Temp with 280* sensor light this far. I will need to pickup a few more aftermarket gauges, Speedometer, Volt Meter and something else but I forgot at the moment...Oh! Push Button Starter If I can't get the original key starter wired correctly...

The original fuel pump inertia switch...not sure if it works or how to incorporate it into the wiring I need to do, maybe use a oil pressure fuel pump cutoff switch?

Now back on pointe.

I know the wiring harness I need to concentrate on is on the drivers side, if my memory is still working. I left the connectors, cut the wiring and left about 5'' of it dead ended so I can reconnect to it.

I will need all major circuits wired to a new fuse block, except for the HEI distributor wiring and the Electric Fan, those will be on a toggle switch, but I'm open to suggestions on those and the Alternator Excite wire will need to be on a switch or some sort of cutoff.

I do have AC and it works, however not sure on how to wire that at this point...

I would appreciate any help and suggestions on making this Frakenstang wiring safe to drive.

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