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Hi guys. I've been pondering what to do next. I've been running my built teksid, with comp Stage II Blower cams, Fox lake Stage II ported heads... 8 ribbed conversion and a 10% o.d balancer. :s I've seemed to have maxed hp and torque out around 659whp and 575tq. I am running a 2.95 blower pully.

How far are you guys spinning your blowers? What power are you guys making? How are your intake temps and is anyone running a meth spray kit ?

I was contemplating selling everything off and going turbo ? That just sounds like a whole lot of work and hassle at this point for my goals of around 60 to 100 more hp.

Anyone running a ysi with some advice ?
Or an F1 series procharger ?

Thanks in advance guys.... I'm looking for some real life experience on this one.
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