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Suspension parts/brakes/engine parts/TRANS for SN-95

I'm looking for the following suspension parts in used, but good condition, good condition means 1-2 years of use tops, or takeoffs- because of someone upgraded.
Griggs/Maximum Motorsports brands only please, all parts have to be compatible with a solid axle 97 Cobra coupe:

Panhard bar, Rear lower control arms, subframe connectors, Torque arm, Watts link, Bilstien "front" struts, Griggs bumpsteer kit, Caster Camber plates "currently have steeda" YUCK! Control arm re-inforcement "battle box" kit. Text me part/s you have and price, then We can begin negotiating from there. I'm not in a hurry I plan to keep this car, and upgrade it over the next few years, so don't be afraid to text me even if post looks old, I may still need it. 740-236-8076.

These parts I am also looking for, but would go in another forum, didn't want to make 2 separate 4-piston caliper/rotor set, wilwood, brembo, baer, Kenne Bell Twin screw s/c, Manley pistons -11cc or -18cc for 4.6l DOHC , Manley rods takeouts in good shape from an 03-04 cobra minimum, prefer the 4340 h beam/i beam. Used TKO 600 T-56 or a Tr-3650 that has been cryo-forged internally to at least 600 ft. lbs of torque.

Thanks for looking and don't be afraid to message thanks. Make sure to send pictures with your asking price, and definitely show "defects" if there are any, I don't want any surprises after purchase.
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