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This is contrary to what I've held to be true for many years. It's been my understanding that it's the WAP block (as found in the Mach 1) that has the splitting issue around 600 hp. My experience supports that. I had a WAP block that cracked by cylinder 6 when I was at 638 rwhp.

I'd do a little more research on that. I actually think the block you have now is stronger than a Teksid.
Nooo. Teksids are/were the gold standard to live up to until the Aluminators came about. The Iron Cobras are definitely weaker than the Teksids however they tend to crack cylinders with fairly specific combos: Blower cars with manual transmissions. The consensus is that a turbo/auto car that isn't a full blown race car will probably be fine. Here's a thread with details of failures and combos:

Mine has made a bunch of pulls over 900hp with no issues so far but that's the extent of WOT pulls so far.

181 - 184 of 184 Posts