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After getting my AOD equipped 91LX to a best of 14.09 on street tires with only exhaust, UD's and gears, I'm going to a test N tune this week with a completely different setup.

The car is now a used 306 w/GT40 heads and intake-stock cam and bottom end. It also now sports a T5 and retains the 4:10 gears.
I've never raced with a manual tranny so this will be interesting. Only had maybe 30 runs with the AOD, so I'm still a rookie.
Rather than going balls to the wall with redline launches I'd like to get a feel for the new launch procedure. I'm using Nitto 27.5 DR's.

What rpm should I launch from?
What would you expect this combo to run with an experienced driver?
Any other tips?
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