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Hey guys,

I'm having a weird problem with my GT (98 GT motor). Last weekend my car was cranking very strange...You could hear the starter very loud, and the car was struggling to start. I got under the car, and tightened the starter bolts (I thought that the starter was loose) last Saturday. It fixed the problem for the rest of the weekend, and the car cranked fine.

I only drive my car on the weekends, and when I came back from school today...The car would not crank at all. Everything runs, the radio, fuel pump, fan...etc. But no cranking whatsoever.

I got underneath the car again, and it looks like the whole S-solenoid on the starter is a little lose (the metal plate kinda moves back and forth.) I am thinking that I will have to replace the starter, because I checked my battery and most ground connections. The battery is a NAPA reman. that I bought when I did my motor swap, so I think it's kinda cheap quality.

Anyone else have a problem like this and can help? What else should I check before buying a new starter?
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