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Hi guys,

My supercharger has decided to leak oil, badly, all over my accessory drive belt. I lost three quarts before I got home. I'm lucky it was a short drive. Looked like an oil bomb went off under the hood. I removed the drive belts after cleaning up the mess, ran the engine and saw it leaking from the front middle of the S/C. The shaft seal seems dry and the oil inlet and outlet are dry. I already requested an RMA# from Vortech and they are a tad stumped.

My question is: Aside from the vague description of the service they can perform, does anyone have a recommendation as to what I should have done, besides fixing the leak? Should I upgrade it? I'd like to but not sure if price matches expectations, considering it's an old unit. Seems if they could stuff better guts in it, that would make more sense.


Thanks in advance!
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