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I don't know how or who else has got locked into the "Congratulations you are a winner of "X", so Spin the Wheel to get your "X" Prize"...

It happened to me on this site - all the sudden got a damn pop-up that took over my session (and yes pop-up blocker installed and on) - and no matter what I tried, I could not "back" out of it. I had to close my tab session and come back in.

It's a pop-up that states you're only 1 of X-amount of winners from your town or location. Then says you are eligible to win a miriad of prizes if you spin the wheel (or answer questions).

The thing also shows others who have won with their postings of how it's not a scam and not fake.

Here's the facts:
1) It IS a damn scam.

2) NOTHING in life is "free" - sure maybe to you it is, but someone, somewhere HAD to pay money or exert some form of effort to "pass along" this scheme (or item) into your grubby hands.

3) In order to "win" your prize not only do you have to play a game and answer questions - you ALSO have to get locked into some type of annual PURCHASING agreement with X-Vendor promising to buy their #### products. So again, have fun with your "free" winning.


To the Admins - this happened when I was trying to reset my password on here. Not only is THAT type of INVASIVE pop-up annoying as ####, but to have it happen while trying to reset a password and then having to close out the session because it LOCKS a user with no ability to "go back" is ####ing ridiculous.

One more thing about the password reset - it's THE worst password reset of ANY forum - to have it stagnant at having to enter "whereismyuserid!!" as the user ID when it's NOT a user's actual User ID is annoying.

No wonder why the Corral Membership and participation is lacking - get rid of the SCAM pop-ups and fix the way users can reset their passwords without having to jump through hoops.

/off soap box

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Disconnect and U Block on google chrome are your friends. Doesnt change the fact that the site has gone downhill, but something to look into
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