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Looking at purchasing a 94/95 GT (auto or 5 speed), or possibly a 96-98 GT (5speed).

Components to be transferred to foxbody.

(This is for 94/95 GT to fox)
Calipers, rotors, spindles. (will need 94/95 ball joints or washers to fix castle nut).

Whole 8.8 rear end, carrying the calipers, rotors, etc.

I hear the steering rack is worth transferring over, I believe it will bolt right into a foxbody all the way from 79 to 93. I believe if I will need to use foxbody tie rod ends (only outters) and adjust them out a little bit.

Connecting the new calipers to the old fox hoses...
Front lines will need some adapter(? not sure, do not have part number), and it will need it for both flex lines from fox to caliper?
Rear brake lines from fox will hook right into the sn95 calipers I think...

Can keep stock master cylinder, and buy adjustable proportioning valve... or can use sn95 master cyclinder but will still need adjustable proportioning valve?

Parking brake...
There are THREE individual cables that I believe I will need to attach the new rear end parking brake to the stock fox parking brake handle with NO welding... Or would it still need welding? Anyone have the part numbers, or what other routes to go?

Are there any other components that would be worth swapping over? (id assume shocks are interchangeable if necessary, and sn95 do have quad shocks?), Sway bars Id assume are different sizes and wont work.

(96-98 GT to fox)
I know the rear track will be 31mm wider (on each side, or total?) If I use the 8.8 from them. If I am looking to do a good bit of autocross is it worth swapping this in to add the width and flair the fenders?

Front end, I believe the spindles are different, but I believe I can use 96-98 ball joints, spindles, and then the calipers, rotors, etc... But will then need to utilize fox tie rod ends again. Also need different front flexible line, which will also need to use an adapter to hook up to the stock fox front lines? Will this track also be much wider, and by how much with requiring how much flairing to fit decent tires under there?

For other components, the sn95 and foxbody t5 are the same BUT, the sn95 (94/95) input shaft into the motor is longer which will not work? (I was looking at the old 4 speed srod the other day so I may be thinking of that)...
Will the sn95 transmission crossmember bolt into the foxbody?

Anyone aware of if there are better ratio steering racks (something of the sort of like 5:1 or real low like that?).
I have heard an 03 cobra (a specific one) is the best direct bolt into for a fox but I do not know how much better than stock, or an sn95.

If anyone is aware of what info is wrong, or what any of the part/adapter numbers are feel free to post please.

Additionally, if there are any other components people advise to swap into a fox that improve it (I believe the front and rear sets will bolt into either a hatch or a notch, not both?).

Thank you,


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Also, does anyone have or can post pictures of a foxbody with a 96-98 gt rear end in it w/ or w/out flared fenders?

Additionally, does anyone have figures on 60 to 0 or 100 to 0 of foxes after sn95 brake conversions, or similar?

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To install the SN95 steering rack, you need to:

Use Fox inner and outer tie rod ends.

Use an MMST-13 steering shaft

To use the SN95 hoses, you will need one MMBAK-4 adapter.

You must use all of the brake hoses and lines from the SN95 housing.

You must install an adjustable proportioning valve and disable the stock valve. If you want to know about m/c changes needed, contact us.

Rear SN95 swaybar will fit. Front will not.

The rear track of the 1994-95 axle assembly is going to be 1.5" wider than your current axle assembly, if you use the OEM Ford disc brake parts.

You do not want to use a 1996-98 axle assembly. This is the same width as a 1994-95 unit, but has brake lines and hoses that will be impossible to use on your car.

If the car has a stock k-member and/or stock length ball joints, you need to use 1994-95 spindles.

Trying to install a 1994-95 T5 into a Fox Mustang is a mess. Don't go there.

All Fox and SN95 Mustang power steering racks have the same steering ratio. There are SN95 steering racks with much better valving. This makes it easier to tell what the front tires are doing.

Please do not PM me. If you have questions, contact my company.
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