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I'm about to finally get my car back on the track. After installing my new k member and control arms I noticed my front lake wood struts are shot. I run a 14/175 coil over up front and was wondering if I should go back with a lake wood 90/10, lake wood 70/30, or strange 10 way adjustable.
For the rear I'm running team z stock location springs, adjustable upper and lower arms, adding an anti roll bar at time of shock/strut swap. I'm currently running mt pro radials. Car currently has Lakewood 50/50 on rear. I'm kind of tapped out from all the work I've done on the car so high end stuff isn't going to happen. On the rear I've narrowed down to competition engineering shocks, lake wood 50/50, or strange 10 way adjustable.

I'd like to hear you guys opinions.
Cars engine made just under 680hp and car has a glide with pro brake, 8.8 with 4.11 for now.
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