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i live in Qatar, bought this shelby 2012 about six months ago with mileage of 70,000 Kilometers.
Before 10 days I went for engine oil and filter replace. The guy at workshop notified me that radiator reservoir is filled with thick black fluid. Dipping finger into reservoir what came out appeared to me foam with oil contents. while i discovered this engine oil was already out in tank. So checked the oil and it was fine, no mixing of water or any symptoms of head gasket. Neither i experienced engine overheat or white smoke.

So they filled fresh engine oil in and following day I had the car taken to a different workshop. According to what this new workshop, problem is because of oil cooler which at first they said needed to be replaced. I didn’t find this part in Ford Ageny or any where in Qatar Market. Ford agency said they can have it imported from UAE market which will take 20 days.

Meanwhile I discussed this problem with another mustang car repair expert and he recommended to go for pressure test of Oil Cooler which will tell if problem really is from this part.

I have the pressure test done which said oil cooler is fine. However, they did some sort of repaid (what it called is surface facing of oil cooler) and re-installed the same oil cooler with new gaskets. Radiator was flushed and new 50/50 coolant/water composition was added and I was advised to drive and observe.

drove to work for three days and have the reservoir checked every morning before starting engine. First day dipped finger and found the liquid normal. Second day it started to get slightly thicker and yellowish. so I called the workshop and updated the situation. They said that it is because of leftover from previous flush and advice to continue driving and come back for another flush after few days.

Third day, coolant in reservoir got really thicker and yellowish. so I have the car taken back to workshop. they were pretty confused after having a look at the foam. They did reflush of radiator and asked me to drive and check if it happened again then have the oil cooler replaced. This last reflush was yesterday.

Can someone pls tell me what I should do because people here seem to be unaware of the actual problem.

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