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Car is a 95. MM coilovers and A-arms (poly), torque arm, panhard, weight jacker rlca's. It's a heavy street car (3550lbs with me in it) that I like to open track. Current alignment 1/16 total toe in, 6* caster, camber 1.5 street and 3 for track. I have Racecraft drop spindles but no bumpsteer kit yet.
Considering 0* toe and possibly 5* caster. I am not aware of bumpsteer problems but thought reduced caster might mitigate bumpsteer and weight jacking concerns?
Have an appt to corner weight the car next week. Front control arms are currently set level. What considerations are most important? Is it better to have control arms level or is weight distribution more critical?
Keeping in mind this is a street car, I won't be adding ballast or have my car looking all funky, high on this corner etc. Can I achieve a worthy benefit corner balancing with these constraints or just wasting time and money?
All input appreciated.
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