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Hey folks.

I had an 88 hatchback 10 or so years ago and am desperately seeking it.
It was pretty unique with a powder white paint job.
Cervinis cowl hood
Saleen wing.

BUT what really gave it away was having a GT fog light switch with an LX body.
Dude I bought it from claimed it was actually a GT but he took the body kit of since it scraped.
It also had the EFI removed and was carbed.

It had H&R springs, Koni dampeners, a strut tower brace(4 point), the valve covers were poorly painted white.
I also installed an MSD 6AL ignition.
It had BBK shorty headers.

I sold it to an interesting guy from Utah, I think it was near Salt Lake city.
Last I heard the 18" silver cobra r's were stolen and he put 17" chrome reps on in their place.

I know this is a long shot but I need her back. It hurts!

Any help or info would be freaking amazing.

And of course, no, I don't have the VIN or plate. . . :/


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