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Just wanted to pass along info regarding a track event / cobra event coming up October 5th - 8th at Sebring. The event is the Reptile Roundup which is hosted by the Deep South Cobra Club (as in Shelby Cobra roadsters). The track event is open to all vehicles and we generally have a few Z06s, Can Am, and GT40s show up. Besides being a ton of fun, it's a great group of guys that like to have fun. I plan to take my '92 coupe this year to the track rather than my roadster. The 2 day track event is $330.

This is a "sure thing" when it comes to fun.

See below for more info and check as well. I have a .pdf file that has all event info, including the fees for different things, that I can send to anyone that wants it. Just email me. I am not organizing the event, just making sure we have enough cars for the track event!


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5th Annual Reptile Roundup - October 5-8th, 2006 - Sebring Raceway

DSCC Members, Cobra Enthusiasts and Friends:

Not since 1964 when Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles unveiled the mighty 427 Cobra has there been so much excitement at Sebring concerning the Shelby Cobras. Now is your chance to drive the Historic Raceway and be a part of Cobra history again. The Deep South Cobra Club is thrilled to announce that the location of the 5th Annual Reptile Roundup is at the Sebring International Raceway. The dates are October 5-8th, 2006.

Even if you don’t own a “Race prepared Cobra”, a special novice run group is available so everyone will have a chance to experience the thrill of Sebring (at any speed). Driver instruction will be available for the novice group so drivers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. This instruction will ensure that you understand vehicle dynamics and help you to become a better, more confident and capable driver - a must for all Cobra owners. Here is your chance to drive the historic track that helped make the Cobra famous.
Don’t miss this great opportunity!

The 5th Annual Reptile Roundup will consist of two full days of track events on Thursday and Friday followed by a Friday evening meet-and-greet party. Saturday includes a car show, additional parade laps, vendor display, poker run, banquet dinner and DSCC Annual meeting. Sunday morning concludes the event with a farewell breakfast and departures for return trips home.

I can’t tell you how excited we are to be hosting the Roundup at the Sebring International Raceway! This is a monumental step for the Deep South Cobra Club and the Reptile Roundup. Originally held in a small parking lot outside Beef O Brady’s in 2001, the Reptile Roundup has come a long way. We never imagined that in 5 years we would be preparing to have this event at the historic raceway once raced and dominated by the Shelby Cobras and Ken Miles. You don’t want to miss this event! Come join over 100 Cobra’s and Cobra replicas as we gather at the Historic Sebring International Raceway.

To ensure we have enough participants to cover the $21,000.00 in track fees early registration is essential! The “early registration” cost per driver for the 2-day track event is only $330. Nowhere else will you find a 2-day track event for less money. The total cost to participate in the 5th Annual Roundup is $390. This includes all expenses, including Track, T-shirt, Dash Plaque, Banquet dinner, Car show, Parade Laps, Meet and Greet party and Poker run. The cost to participate without the Thursday and Friday track event is $80.

Please note: Track Event Registrations received after August 15th will incur an additional fee of $50 and “Last minute” track event registrations received after September 1st will incur a $100 additional fee.

[bold]Should we fail to enlist the number of drivers needed to cover the cost of the track rental, we will be forced to post-phone the Roundup until November. [/bold] The November track event will be held at the Gainesville Raceway and the Saturday car show will be held at Don Garlit’s Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala.

Safety inspection checklist, additional registration forms, hotel info, maps, schedule, and other event information is available on our web site:

2007 DSCC Officer elections will be held at the Annual Meeting following the Banquet dinner.

Please send nominations to us at: DSCC – 3668 Misty Woods Circle - Pace, FL 32571

Please forward this information to all of your Cobra friends as some may not be in our registry or their contact information may have changed.
Please check out web site from time to time to keep up to date on information.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Drive Safe
Edward Kamptner President
Robert Donehoo Vice President
Ruble Moore Treasurer

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Event information

Track Event:
A list of applicable safety equipment for each run group is listed in this packet and is also available on our web site. Tech inspection will be held Thursday and Friday morning from 7:00 – 8:30. A mandatory drivers meeting
will be conducted at 8:30am prior to both track events.
The track event will begin at 8:50 am and conclude at 5:00pm. There will be a 1-hour break each day from 12:00pm – 1:00pm each day for lunch and parade laps. Lunch will be available for purchase from theDSCC each day. Pre-ordering lunch is recommended. See registration form.

All cars registering for the track event must pass Tech inspection. Please review the safety list in the Roundup packet and make sure your car meets the safety requirements based on the run group you are registered for.

If you are unable to make it to the DSCC track events on Thursday and Friday, DSCC Members are welcome to race with Chin Motorsports on Saturday October 7th. A single day event is $289.00 plus a $50 membership
fee for non CMS members. Go to for info and registering.

The club is staying at the “Inn on the Lakes” Hotel and Spa.
King, Double and Suites are available at a discounted DSCC rate.
Parking Lot view King or Double Rooms are $75 per night.
Lake View King or Double Rooms are $80 per night.
Suites are available at a 10% discount.
(800) 531-5253

Wednesday night there is parking at the Sebring Raceway near the Chateau Élan. Plan to park your trailers there if the Paddock is not available. The remainder of the weekend trailers may be parked at the Sebring
Raceway either in the paddock or in the area selected for the Roundup car show.

Maps to the Sebring Raceway and Inn at the Lakes can be found at our web site:

Page 3

Schedule of Events (schedule subject to change if needed).

Wednesday - October 4th:
5:30pm – Tech Inspector and DSCC Officer meeting, hotel parking lot.
7:00pm – Depart for informal pre-event dinner at local restaurants. (Red Lobster, Outback, Chili’s?)
9:00pm – Pre-event party, Hotel parking lot.

Thursday – October 5th
6:30am – Paddock opens. Registration Check-in. Unpack trailers and bring cars to inspection station.
7:00am – Tech inspection opens.
8:30am – Drivers meeting. Tech inspection closes.
8:50am – “Modified Road Course” track orientation laps (lead-follow, parade lap speeds)
9:30am – Group 2 track session (Intermediate Group), Group 1 meet with instructors.
10:00am – Group 3 track session (Advanced Group).
10:30am – Group 1 track session (Novice)
11:00am – Group 2 track session.
11:30am – Group 3 track session.
12:00pm – Lunch hour, parade laps.
1:00pm – Group 1 track session.
1:30pm – Group 2 rack session
2:00pm – Group 3 track session.
2:30pm – Group 1 track session.
3:00pm – Group 2 track session.
3:30pm – Group 3 track session.
4:00pm – Group 1 track session.
4:30pm – Group Photo on Raceway (all cars @ Start-Finish Line, followed by Parade Laps).
5:00pm – Track closes.
6:30pm – Dinner at Chicanes Restaurant or local restaurant.

Friday – October 6th:
7:00am – Paddock opens. Registration Check-in.
7:30am – Tech inspection opens for cars not previously inspected on Thursday.
8:30am – Drivers meeting. Tech inspection closes.
8:50am – Full course track orientation laps (lead-follow, parade lap speeds)
9:30am – Repeat of track schedule from Thursday. 30-minute sessions.
4:30pm – Group Photo on Raceway (all cars @ Start-Finish Line, followed by Parade Laps).
5:00pm – Track closes. Trailers must be moved to car show area (location TBD).
7:00pm – Meet and Greet Dinner and festivities, located in hotel parking lot.

Saturday – October 7th:
8:00am – Car show registration opens, cars positioned in show area.
9:00am – Car show begins.
12:00pm – Lunch and Parade Laps
3:30pm – Group Photo
4:00pm – Poker Run
6:30pm – Arrive at Inn on the Lakes, Royal Palm Room. Cash bar open on balcony.
7:30pm – Dinner served, Royal Palm Room
9:00pm – DSCC Annual Meeting, Royal Palm Room
10:00pm – Farewell Party, Hotel Parking Lot.

Sunday – October 8th:
9:30am – Farewell Breakfast, Chicanes Restaurant.
11:00am – Hotel Checkout. Have a safe return trip home.

Page 4

Track Information

Safety: This is a drivers training event, NOT a race. The purpose of the event is to provide a safe venue for performance car driving. We want this to be a fun and safe event. Any participant that is operating their vehicle in an unsafe manner will be excused from the raceway. We reserve the right to place drivers in certain groups based on equipment and driver skill.
With the exception of the parade laps, all vehicles participating in the track event must have the following:

Helmet (full or open face, Snell approved 95 or later) with a face shield, glasses, or goggles, cotton long sleeved shirt, long pants and shoes (no sandals).

Open cars must have a functional roll bar bolted or welded to the frame of the vehicle.

Good tires, no cord or fabric visible. Suitable tread remaining.

No loose parts anywhere in car, including trunk. Spinners must be safety wired or (non functional type) removed.

No leaking fuel, oil, or fluids or excessive smoke from exhaust.

Seat belt or harness in good condition with no tears, cuts, or excessive fraying wear.

Brakes must be in good working order, have at least one working brake light.

Brake pedal must not pull from master cylinder.

Battery must be secured in safe manner that does not allow for movement.

Windshield / Windscreen must not be cracked or damaged.

Car must be equipped with at least one operable fire extinguisher permanently mounted or secured, accessible by the driver.

No radiator fluid other than water and/or water wetter mix.

Wheels lug torque to correct rating.

Radiator overflow catch can.

Intermediate Drivers: In addition to the items listed above, Intermediate drivers require an SFI 3.2A rated
driving suit. Open cars require arm restraints. Neck support, gloves and driving shoes recommended but not required.

Advanced Drivers: Must meet acceptance criteria and have previous advanced track driving experience.

Submit competition license number or previous track experience on bottom of the registration form. In addition to the items listed above, Advanced drivers are required to have a 5 or 6-point safety harness, arm restraints, SA 2000 or newer rated helmet, SFI rated gloves and shoes, neck support, covered or taped headlights, high performance R rated tires and emergency battery cut off switch.

Roll bar must have 2” clearance from the top of the helmet with driver seated. Remember to prepare your car prior to the event. Be sure to check for loose nuts and bolts, inspect chassis and suspension parts, brake components and pads. Replacing all fluids before the event is recommended.

The Tech inspection will check for basic safety items but it is the responsibility of the driver to bring a prepared vehicle to the track.

A copy the track layout can be viewed at the Sebring Raceway web site:

Please contact any of your DSCC officers if you have any questions concerning this event.

Edward Kamptner, President
[email protected]
(813) 887-2340

Robert Donehoo, Vice President
[email protected]
(813) 949-6939

Ruble Moore, Treasurer
[email protected]
(850) 995-4994

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My brother and I will be there. He is just finishing up his FF Cobra and I'll be bringing my 94 Mustang. We were at the last DSCC event and had a blast.

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