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Hey guys new to the turbo and tunning game but have to start somewhere. I do have sct x cal 2 right now and Here is my question.
I got a 02 mustang gt with cam's and bolt on but soon going single turbo kit. The problem I am having is tunning cost. Here in vegas there is one guys who got cobra that runs 9.6 sec 1/4 and he asked me to buy sct pro racer then he will tune it for 300. Other then him there used to be one guys who was like god in sct tunning but not tunning no more so I am out of luck. Found one shop who work on mustang , vettes and gto but they don't use sct , they used diablo predator.

If I go with that shop then I have to buy diablo predator plus 550 for a tune for boosted cars, if I buy sct pro racer that guy can tune it but don't have dyno so we have to street tune it.

I don't know what to do ? I will like to learn and tune my own car so I don't have to worry about this #### once for all. How hard it this sct pro racer to lean, I have not tunning knowledge.

I will be running svt focus pump, 60lb injector and blow thru Pmas Maf.

Thanks in adavance
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