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Hey guys, decided to sell the stang and get a cheap car and another bike. Selling the mods I had on my 06 GT. All this stuff has about 50 miles on it is all. It was all installed by me and tuned by a local SCT tuner put down 278rwhp 290rwtq in 108 degree weather 70% humidity. Tuner has tunes for these mods setup for 91 octane, 93 and race gas. Would like to sell as a package but will sell seperate just need to move this stuff to pay for my taxes on the cars and bike. Have the boxes for everything but the mufflers.
AFE Airbox, very nice as you can see this is all brand new stuff. I only had the car for 21 days total lol

B&M Worked great. Really cleaned up the stock rubbery shifter.

SCT dyno tuned for these mods on the car

Corsa axle back

Prices are negotiable. I prefer paypal. PM me with any questions

1 - 4 of 4 Posts