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We were out taking some picts (SLR) for the Saleen Book coming out, and here are a few shots to show what kind of fun we were up to via a digital that my brother was shooting so they would be ready to toss on the net :)

Also, we are going to do another picture day 1 week from today, next Sat. The date for that is March 29, 2003 and will be done in the Springfield Area. The place we are going to meet up Sat morning is at Springfield Motorsport. For directions email me, or call 703.339.3780 (the shop) or visit online at

There will be a dyno day going on as well at Springfield Motorsport. Discount rate is $50 for 3 pulls. Please call, as it is filling up fast. NVMC members get an even better rate, $40 for 3 pulls!

Here are a few quick shots from today.
Cars pictured are:
85-0069 Black Hatch
89-0634 Navy Vert
00-0269 White SC Speedster
00-0291 White SC Speedster
2Fast 2Furious Lizstick Red Coupe

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