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Too many factors for any wheel calculator to consider. Actual real world comparison is the only tool to trust.

I'm looking for pics of a new edge with the 17x10+18 square if anybody comes across some. I need to buy new wheels for my 99 and I'm thinking those would work good for my 285/40-17 Continentals I like. I have them on the old 17x10.5+27 cobra replicas now with a 5/16" spacer. They stick out a little more than I like in the front with the street alignment.

Also if anybody has a set of 17x10+18 RPF1s they want to sell hit me up with a cost shipped to 32309. I would really like a gold set but will consider any color in good condition depending on price.
I have a set of 17x10 +18 RPF1’s now.

The problem is I sold my old car right before I got these.Waiting for the US/Canadian border to open up so fitment and pictures will have to wait
41 - 41 of 41 Posts