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This is a mostly complete kit for a Roush TVS 2300 Supercharger for any '05-'09 Mustang GT 4.6 V-8. It was on my brother's car for approx. 8k miles, and it's in excellent condition. The car was wrecked and most of the kit was removed - here's what we have: Supercharger/manifold/intercooler assy. and 52 lb injectors with fuel rails, mass-air meter, throttle body, air intake and K & N filter, Canton coolant reservoir, Roush boost gauge that goes in A/C vent, alternator (modified to be relocated), Daiblosport Predator with 2 tunes (Pump fuel and race fuel), and factory Ford ECU (2008 automatic trans. car), plus some misc. hardware.
What you'd need: Intercooler pump, crank pulley, fuel pump, and gaskets.
This blower was originally sold through Roush as a tuner kit with no programming. It was running about 15 lbs of boost, so you'd need a good crank/rod/piston assy. set up like that. Or you could drop the boost to about 7-9 lbs with different pulleys and be good on a stock engine. This kit was about $6500 new, so it's a good deal for what we're asking. Just to clarify - this IS NOT the M90 blower like comes on the Roush 427R Mustang. These will easily support 500-700 HP. $2800.00 shipped
I'm in Knoxville, TN. Thanks! Doug 865-300-7388


1 - 5 of 5 Posts