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What should TeQ do with his blown 97 32v?

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Blown 97 Cobra - Rebuild it? FUBAR? - IMPORTANT

Ok, here's the scoop:

I was recently hot rodding my 97 Cobra and suddenly the engine started knocking very loudly. I took it home and noticed that the oil was completely gone.

From the sound of it everyone is guessing that the bearings are toast .. the heads survived fine.

My dilema: I took it to Ford, they only want to replace engines now. They won't repair anything internal, it's not worth their time they say. So they want $5k to swap in a new engine (complete). This is a little much for a new stock engine.

I am considering buying a new short block and just swapping all the parts myself, but I've never pulled an engine before. I've also considered taking the entire engine down and rebuilding it myself, but I'm not sure how much work that is going to be or how much money I could save doing this.

I could really use some advice on the right decision. I am having an impossible time finding a Performance Mustang shop in Kansas City, so I have noone to turn to that specializes in Cobras.

Is this the kind of thing I should just take to a local mechanic and have him take care of the whole rebuild? Can I trust them? Should I rebuild it myself or just swap the engine myself?

If someone could point me to some good books (should I buy the ford Service manual?/Any other books?). I need pointers to as much information as I can get my hands on regarding the 1997 Cobra engine and rebuilding/repairing.

I really need to get my car going again, but time is not the most important thing. I'd like to do it right and keep the costs down. I'd also like to learn how to do this myself.

TIA for all advice.
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