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Well I have been tinkering around with my rear coilover set up for a while here. I raised the car a bit because the tires were rubbing. After several tries I thought I got it right. It hasn't rubbed since.

I had noticed through "testing" that everytime I launch or just floor it in....let say in 2nd gear the rear end would go to the left spinning the tire. I had brought the car to the track once and had noticed this also. I kind of thought that this was a "fox body" thing.

Well, I had a buddy following me today and he was wondering why the car was leaning to the right? I had never really noticed it because the car drives straight and I have never followed the car from behind. He said it was pretty noticable and thought it was how I had set it up.

When I had adjusted the coil overs I pretty much got it as close as I can. Parked in the garage the car looks like it is sitting straight. I ended up measuring it in a few spot and sure enough the was about 1/2" diff from side to side. Right side is sitting lower.

Should I: a.) lower the left b.) raise the right

What is the difference between raising the car and lowering the car? I guess I am just playing with the 1/2" just to get the car sitting stright.

Do you think this is the reason why the cars rear end goes left off the line?

Any comments would be appreciated!
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