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I have an oldie but a goodie, Precision PT76GTS turbo that I am running on a Pony Down Stage 3 B Series turbo kit. The car makes killer power, but I'm trying to find a way to keep a small frame turbo, but add another 100 horsepower from the turbo to get my car solidly in the 8s every pass.

Since my turbo has a cast wheel and the new 7675 CEA is a billet wheel and rated at 1200 hp versus my turbo rating of 1140, I was wondering about having a turbo shop add a billet wheel to my turbo??

I considered switching to the PT88MPS which is rated at 1250 hp, but I have heard they spool wayyyy slow...I drive my car on the street a lot, so I'm not sure I want that kind of lag on the street.

Let me know your thoughts or experiences. Thanks! :salute:
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