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Private T&T/Track Rental at Cecil County Dragway on Saturday, April 25th from 9am-4pm. Gates open at 8am

We've been doing this twice a year since 2000.
It is sponsored by a Mustang enthusiast website, but...
ALL VEHICLES ARE WELCOME! (Cars, Trucks, even Motorcycles)

Track is sprayed and prepped just like if it was an actual "race" day and not just a T&T or rental. You can absolutely request to have GRUDGE RUNS with others, as well as run a PRO TREE or run N/T if you don't want your times announced. Cars must pass NHRA tech for ET it can run.

Any questions, please post here or PM me.
I am a Staff member on the host site and I've been to every one of these rentals and it's always a blast! Always a new best ET too with the legendary Cecil air.

There is "sometimes" racer tickets available at the gate, but that is NOT GUARANTEED! Not to mention they are higher priced by $10 or more.

Below info was copied and pasted from rental hosting site,


All payment and pertinent information is available here:

We've started taking payments a little earlier this season by request
No price increase
Still at Cecil County Dragway
April 25th

Tickets are as follows
$55 via Paypal to [email protected]


$50 via check payable to Super Stallions of the Net

mailed to:
John Paulson
112 Grandview Ave
Brookhaven, Pa. 19015

FYI - The tickets usually are not mailed until 2 weeks before the event
You will need your ticket to race so don't lose it.
Spectators pay at the gate on race day $10
Please also note that Cecil County Dragway only accepts ca$h

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what are you getting for the $50? Do you get more runs then a typical grudge or TnT?

Interested and never been to cecil :) I been stuck going to the Grove for awhile which is really going down hill.

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what are you getting for the $50? Do you get more runs then a typical grudge or TnT?
Its like a has a cutoff for # of cars, but still can't guarantee how many runs you will get. I have seen as many as 30+ and have seen as little as 4. All depends on breakage, weather etc...

But SSOTN is more about getting to see people you haven't seen in a while and meet new is always a good time whether you race all day or just b.s. with old friends...

T-shirts used to say "come for the party, stay for the racing"
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