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I'm going to be parting this car out, it's rusty and nobody seems to know where the title is so I'm not going to dick with getting one for a car that needs this much work.

Its an 87-88 car

Quarter windows, tail lights and head lights are sold.

Car has complete blue interior, 140 mph speedo cluster out of a v8 car, manual windows and mirrors, smoked headlights, 5 speed pedals, deck lid is in ok shape will need some work but not a whole bunch, has all the trunk liner carpet, quarter windows are typical but not horrible. Was a 4 cylinder car originally. LX tail lights and body mouldings and not for sale

Let me know what you need, I'd like to move this stuff quickly, I will ship parts within reason. I can get more pics at any time. I'm going to start pulling parts today


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