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Picked up a load of parts today.. 93 mustang 5.0 project auto trans engine and trans from a 87 doner car ran 5 years ago when parted for this project

I PRICE OF EBAY SELLING AVERAGES FOR THE BIG MONEY STUFF, if you don’t like the prices move on, all the little stuff ask me and I will price it out average selling prices been a while since I had fox mustangs

Gonna post some pricing and add as I go or make new ads will ship smaller items but huge parts pick up only
Black interior most likely will go on eBay as it sells there easier but I will post prices for it here also I know the value.

Tons of small parts look at pics and ask prices as seen...
98 cobra wheels and nice tires 550.00 picked up
Blue trunk lid no wing from coupe 200.00 picked up
White lid 50.00 picked up
Front bumper off car 100.00 picked up
Taillights 125.00 plus ship
93 speedo with white face 200.00 plus ship
93 auto Ecu 300.00 plus ship
93 engine wiring and injector harness 175.00 plus ship
Really nice seats OEM not redone 700.00 picked up
Dash as seen 400.00 plus ship
Door panels with armrests 450.00 plus ship
Console no radio needs ashtray door spring the door works 220.00 plus ship
Full set seatbelts nice shape 400.00 plus ship
Partial set belts w250.00 plus ship
Have rear panels gotta clean them up (TBD)
Top boot cover oem ford 200.00 plus ship

There are tons of parts here see pics


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I need the following:
-1993 Driver side, power seat track
-radiator cap
-1993 dated battery power and ground cables
-Front windshield molding kit in nice condition.
- lower windshield moldings as well.
-ALL the A/C lines, compressor by firewall, and cooling radiator up front.
-bracket that holds the MAF

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